Our 13 year old grandson, Cody, has had cancer return in his body with a vengeance. We are looking into the face of some pretty drastic measures for his survival right now. This is the hard thing in our family’s lives at present. I know many of you have your own hard things because we live in a defeated decaying world where evil reigns. Lives are broken, disease exists, people hurt, faith is lost. It is hard to stand in these days if not for the grace of God.


Upon hearing our sad news, some people have asked us what they can do. We ask them to pray of course. Prayer is certainly enough. But Cody’s mom, my daughter Jill, has taken her faith one step further. She does not want this current event to be lived out in our lives as a tragedy but as a triumph to the Glory of God. Inspired by the movie Facing The Giants she has asked us as a family to rededicate ourselves to honor God in every aspect of our lives, no matter what the outcome of this present battle. We will honor Him and give him praise when the news is good, and we will do the same thing when the news is devastating. We are not doing this to move the hand of God in our favor. We are doing this because through the power of Jesus Christ we don’t have to live in the defeat and decay of this world. We want to live in a triumphant God honoring way. We honor God when we win, we honor God when we lose!


Honoring God in every aspect of our lives makes us better people, better spouses, better citizens, better Christians. Honoring God in this purposeful way can change not just our lives but change the whole world. This is not news to you, I am sure. You wouldn’t have offered to pray for Cody if your lives did not honor God.


But Jill’s inspiration is that we unite as a team of Christians, all of the battle weary, the scarred and bleeding as well as those full of faith, hope, and joy to turn from the evil. Change our behavior when we start to go there. Then once we have turned our back and repented then we rededicate ourselves in a united front to living God honoring lives and praising Him no matter what individual circumstances bring. It is a tough challenge but then again so is cancer.


If you feel led to encourage us by rededicating your life with ours in this special united way please let me know via an email to jaguars24@kc.rr.com. A note saying” sign me up” with your first names and cities where you live will be sufficient. Your name will appear to the right of this message. We want to enroll you in our Christian special Forces Team. Our desire is to have Cody’s life, our family’s lives as well as yours stand as a living testimony to the Glory of God.


A famous Irish statesman of the 1770s Edmund Burke had this to say. “All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for good men to do nothing.” Let’s do something. Let’s purposely consciously and intentionally honor God.


Come and change the world with us.










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